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Under the Western (ZhenHeGong)

About July 11, 1405 (Ming Yongle three years) Zheng He led a life of more than 240 boats a huge ship, the crew consisting of 27,400 oceangoing fleet, visited more than 30 in Western Pacific and Indian Ocean countries and regions, China has deepened with the South-East Asia, East Africa friendly relations.

By Liu Hong Kong each Xuzhou start until 1433 (Ming Xuande 8 years), he has a total of seven times as much as a voyage. The last time, eight years in April Xuande Gurirab return to when the ship had passed away due to illness. Folk stories, "Sambo eunuch Popular Romance of the Western mind" will be referred to as his adventure travel under the Western Sambo eunuch.

Get Zheng He has been Java, Sumatra, Sulu, Pahang, Chenla, Gurirab, Siam, Adan, Topfond left Afar, Hormoz Adams, wood-beam, such as bone are more than 30 countries, had the farthest Tatsu the east coast of Africa, the Red Sea, Mecca, and may have been to Australia.

Under the 'Western' definition: the early Ming Dynasty to Borneo (Borneo) / Brunei for the community, to the east known as the Oriental, to the west known as the Western, so the past referred to the South China Sea,of the Ming dynasty known as the Oriental, Western, and a sea of the Gulf of Siam, called up the sea.

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  1. In my opinion,Zhenghe is one of the greatest navigator in the world.

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