Mysterious ancient China


Blue and White Porcelain(QinHuaCi)

Blue and white blue and white, also known as white, and it is a cobalt containing cobalt oxide as raw materials in the ceramic body on the painted decoration, and then cast a layer of transparent glaze, high temperatures, to restore the once-fired flame.

Cobalt blue is expected after firing, with strong coloring, hair color bright, burning rate, color stability characteristics.

Currently found in the earliest specimens of blue and white are the Tang Dynasty; sophisticated devices appear in the blue and white Yuan Dynasty; Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain has become mainstream; Qing Emperor Kangxi to the tripod when development peaks.

Ming and Qing Dynasties, but also a burnt blue colorful, peacock green glaze blue, green-glazed blue and white beans, red color blue, yellow and blue, brother and other varieties of blue and white glaze.


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