Mysterious ancient China


Xitang old town

On Xitang's some ancient roofs, near ruler high tile grass, 

it is reported that was steadily the room dwelling before master's spirit has been attached to these grasses, caused them so luxuriantly, was protecting the ancient room tranquil and long ago, was also protecting old town prosperous and auspicious. Xitang region of rivers and lakes innate one kind of clear spirit refined elegant tastes and graceful bearing.

 Not to mention may embark together with the native catches fish, unhappiness which the fishing household enjoys the aloof extra mundane; When the curtain of night initially falls, goes boating the river bank, sets at pot liquor, suspends two TV dinners, altogether narrates with the good friend, outside cabin, sculling female black clothing cloth unlined upper garment, singing voice light exhibition, persuasive melodious, 

has as if restores the old wind ...... to throw actually the world of mortals philistine, is small temporarily hidden in the old town, appreciates the simple and honorable common social practice in the entertainment, one kind the feeling which returns returns to original condition plain. 



Chinese Army have one mountain peaks. Beijing Yanqing County is located south of the northwest, the south of the Pass near the north-west. Range upon range of hills and downs, peaks overlapping peaks, magnificent stands of The Great Wall at Badaling on high mountains. 

 The earliest construction of the Great Wall of China in the 7th century BC in the Spring and Autumn Period, after the dynasties are built. 

 At present, the Badaling Great Wall Ming generation zone is the most complete preservation of the Great Wall section, now tourist attraction, is also a key national heritage conservation units. 

 Wall neat article from the great stone into the outer wall, with an average high of 7.8 meters, 5.8 ~ 6.5 meters wide. City has on brick walls and female垛口every half to one, the set, beacon towers. 

 The Great Wall is one of the world-renowned wonder, like a dragon it is entrenched in northern China on the vast land. It is the toil and sweat of the laboring people in ancient China crystallization are a symbol of Chinese ancient culture and the pride of the Chinese nation.


Cheongsams qípáo [chi-pao]

Cheongsams are the gowns of the Qing Dynasty, was born in the beginning of the 20th century, prevailing in three to four decades on behalf of. 

 Experts put during the last century 20 cheongsams popular as a starting point, the thirties to the pinnacle of its status soon swept from the birthplace of Shanghai to various parts of China. 

 At that time, Shanghai is the upper reaches of Queen, the blessed land advanced courtesans, they are keen on swimming, playing golf, flying techniques, on horseback, an extravagant social life and chasing fashion, doomed to a cheongsam pandemic. 

 Shanghai because Shanghai has been advocating Western-style way of life, resulting in subsequent emergence of the "improved cheongsam", from the curve of the body to cover up to show the female curves unexpected Linglong the United States, so cheongsams to rid itself of the old model has become China's unique national characteristics of women one fashion.


China Myth (XiaoTianQuan)

Whooping days dogs, Chinese myths and legends around "Erlang Shen" animal, in the "Journey to the West", "Gods" and other related "Erlang Shen" legend, such as "Valuable lotus lamp", etc. were encountered. 

 Well-known actor Chen founded in 2004 edition of "Valuable lotus lamp" roaring days playing ugly dog that Wu won audience acclaim. 

 Whooping-day dog first appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, such as "With Zhenjun gold shells, small dogs," According to Lang Zheng research, the prototype of whooping days when dogs are two sub-God alone Fitness Edge rat. . 

 Civil commonly referred to as the Tengu, the ancients that the solar eclipse, eclipse Tengu are at, then all the people in ancient times there is solar eclipse, when the eclipse to get knocked off apparatus Tengu custom.


Ladies (ShuNv)

Ladies meaning of temperament and style should not be in the traditional sense of propriety in Chinese terms, it is under the new historical conditions, women in the dashboard, conversation, manners, habits of thinking and behavior on a unique Chinese characteristics on female charm, really to show a woman pure, sincere charisma aspects. 

 Chinese traditional idea of propriety, under the shackles of ladies are not worth the promotion, because it denies a woman should have the charm and value. 

 Today, we advocate to do the ladies are at the basis of the traditional virtues of modern society without losing the value of the ladies, are a new civilization, a new culture, a new era in the context of the new female. 

 The promotion of ladies to do, to do better than the promotion of "Sassy Girl", "for female" good. This does not mean that retro backward, outdated and restraint personality, but rather to make a woman more personality, charm and taste, the restoration of women's true colors. 

 First of all ladies at the elegant temperament should reflect on. 

 Lady is the Ming and Qing Dynasties Princess Bin Level Nakamiya a Human Level


Arbor Day (ZhiShuJie)

"Arbor Day" is a legal form in some countries to publicize the provisions of forest benefits, and to mobilize the masses to take part in reforestation obligations of the holiday activities. According to the length of day can be divided into tree-planting, tree planting tree planting weeks or month, general term for Arbor Day. 

 Through such activities, stimulates people love trees, reforestation feelings enhance people's awareness of forest function, and promote afforestation to forest protection and expansion of Ailin forest resources, improve the ecological environment. 

  In order to mobilize the people to plant trees and holiday provisions. Chinese in 1915 by the Government to order the provisions of the Ching Ming Festival for Arbor Day that is March 12. Later, in 1928 to the April 7, the Republic of China government issued orders to plant trees: Tree Planting Day after Ching Ming old should be replaced by the Prime Minister's death a few years tree planting ceremony. 

 "In the Government has been the promulgation of this order, because Mr. Sun childhood are on the" tree arts Livestock "very love's sake. 

 At him abroad often use vacation back home mulberry plant. February 23, 1979, the Fifth National People's Congress Standing Committee of the Sixth Meeting of the decision is still March 12 for China's Arbor Day to encourage people of all nationalities in afforestation and greening the motherland, and to improve the environment for the benefit of future generations.


Empress Dowager Cixi (CiXiTaiHou)

Empress Dowager Cixi are inlaid Lanqi Manchu people, their families are Yehe Department (now near Siping).

Father Hui Zheng, a former Anhui Chi Kwong Hui Nanjing Daodao members too.(royal genealogy) records are "Yehe levybenefits of female."

pull in that family, she is known as, it said Yehe Nara, (one said the Queen Mother for the Han, Hui symptoms are out of money to replace their daughter's daughter) Empress emblem client Eric JOHNSON Yi Zhao Shou Gong Yu Xian Qin Chongxi.

Xianfeng Emperor of, Tongzhi Dili mother, adoptive mother Guangxu Emperor.

Tongzhi Dili legislation, respect for the Virgin Empress Dowager, the Empress Dowager Cixifor. Zongyao clearance at the Summer Resort in death after the funeral during the Queen Mother with Tsz-induced sub-livedcool thingsTemple, it is also known as Empress Dowager.

She learned to draw good book, longer than the running hand calligraphy, script, painting flowers have handed down. (Say yes ghostwrite 1)


Culture - two-person Units (ErRenTai)

Units two and are prevalent in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Hebei provinces in northern opera drama, commonly known as "double-stuff", also known as "the two classes." 

 Since most of their repertoire using one ugly once the form of two concerts, two so called Units. 

 Around the two Units, in the long-term development process, gradually formed the different artistic styles to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia for the sector, divided into East and West Road, shortly before the founding of two Units collectively. 

 May 20, 2006, the two Units approved by the State Council included the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.


Compendium of Materia Medica

Talking about Chinese drug culture, because it has a long history of several thousand years, so very rich in its details.

However, whether people are Chinese or foreigners, for its rich cultural connotation of the lack of a comprehensive understanding of the club would lead to some error.

The fundamental reason lies in a long time, our drug culture, research and publicity efforts are not enough, the long run, no doubt the cause of the succession of traditional Chinese medicine, development and promotion are in a disadvantaged position.

Ancient Chinese medicine in China, commonly known as Medium, "Chinese Materia Medica." The earliest one in China's pharmaceutical monographs are the Han Dynasty, "Shen Nong's Herbal Classic", the Tang Dynasty by the Government promulgated the "new repair Materia Medica" is the world's earliest pharmacopoeia.

Ming Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica", summed up the 16th century, the previous drug experience, to study the development of future generations of drugs have made a significant contribution.


Potala Palace (BuDaNaGong)

Potala Palace in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region is located in the city of about two kilometers northwest of the outskirts of a small hill. 

 In the local Tibetan Buddhist belief in the hearts of the people, which take the hill as if Goddess of Mercy live Putuoshan, which called for the use of Tibetan Abdallah (Putuo meaning). 

 Potala Palace, many-tiered, tortuous, together with the mountain, stands tall, towering spectacular. 

 White and red wall, the resplendent palace roof, has a strong artistic appeal. 

 It is the symbol of Lhasa, the Tibetan people is a symbol of tremendous creativity, architecture and art in Tibet are precious wealth, is also unique in Syracuse plateau of the cultural heritage of mankind.


Xi'an Terracotta Warriors and Horses Mosque

Xi'an,Changan, the ancient capital of China first in the world, one of the four civilized ancient city, founded in the 16th century BC. 

 Xi'an, formerly known as: Daxing City, Jingzhao, Feng-yuan, Xijing. 

 Xi'an is the capital of Shaanxi Province People's Republic of China, China's 15 sub-provincial cities, regional centers for the seven Chinese cities, NT commercial and industrial center, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge Chinese paragraph one of the largest central cities. 

 State-level health cities. 

 World-renowned historical and cultural city, the international tourist city. 

 Xi'an, the central and western regions of China are the largest and most important scientific research, higher education, national defense science and technology industries and high-tech industrial base, China's important industrial centers of aerospace, machinery and textile manufacturing center in the Industrial Center, an important Chinese arms manufacturers, the Chinese only Large aircraft manufacturing to. 

 Have a strong industrial base, China's western region are the most powerful technology industry categories the most complete one of the large central cities.

Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is located 37 kilometers away from Xi'an, the Lintong District Chengdong, South Hill Lishan north Weishui, magnificent momentum, People's Republic of China are key units to be protected. 

 Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses in China and the world are and the influential. 

 Qin Shi Huang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Museum is the largest ancient Chinese Military Museum. 

 Figurines array after a sensation by opening up the world to explore. 

 In 1978, former French Prime Minister Jacques Chirac after the visit said: "With the seven wonders of the world, the discovery of the Qin terracotta figures, can be said that the eight are a wonder. 

 Do not watch the pyramid, not to Egypt; not look Terracotta, not to China. 

 "From then on Terracotta as the" Eighth Wonder of the World. " 

 Have a strong industrial base, China's western region are the most powerful technology industry categories the most complete one of the large central cities.


ZhaoYun (Chinese legend)

Three Changshan really fixed (now Hebei Zhengding South) person, the word son long.

Early from GongSunZan, Liu Bei after naturalization.

Caocao take Jingzhou, Liu Bei lost Dangyang long Sakamoto, his fighting ability and preparedness ambulance son Liu Chan.

Liu Bei was Yizhou, he was appointed to assist , from the attack Hanzhong. Lite-six years (AD 228), the research from the wise, the main分兵resist to defeat returned Hanzhong, single the following year.

He has refused to Cao Cao army of dozens of cyclists, was Liu Bei as "an all guts."


Blue and White Porcelain(QinHuaCi)

Blue and white blue and white, also known as white, and it is a cobalt containing cobalt oxide as raw materials in the ceramic body on the painted decoration, and then cast a layer of transparent glaze, high temperatures, to restore the once-fired flame.

Cobalt blue is expected after firing, with strong coloring, hair color bright, burning rate, color stability characteristics.

Currently found in the earliest specimens of blue and white are the Tang Dynasty; sophisticated devices appear in the blue and white Yuan Dynasty; Ming Dynasty blue and white porcelain has become mainstream; Qing Emperor Kangxi to the tripod when development peaks.

Ming and Qing Dynasties, but also a burnt blue colorful, peacock green glaze blue, green-glazed blue and white beans, red color blue, yellow and blue, brother and other varieties of blue and white glaze.


Palace of Heavenly Purity(QianQinGong)

Do Qinggong hung from the top of the main hall of the throne of the Qing Dynasty emperor Shunzhi pro book "above board" plaque, the plaque behind the possession of the Crown Prince has secret built "flat storage box."

At the time, to seize the throne Prince of infighting between the rather intense. In order to ease the contradiction, since the Yongzheng North Korea started to take a secret way to build Reserve, that is not open-li emperor before his death the crown prince, and heir to the throne in secret to write the selected instrument, a place close to the emperor; a closure in the "Building Reserve box "and put" above board "behind the plaque.

The emperor's death, common to remove the Minister from"Better storage box", and the emperor in the side of a cache control, after verification, announced the successor to the throne. Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Emperor Xianfeng four are on the throne of this system.

By the late Qing Dynasty, because there is only one son of Emperor Xianfeng, Emperor Guangxu Tongzhi and no son, the secret of the system before legislation Reserve lost its meaning.


Under the Western (ZhenHeGong)

About July 11, 1405 (Ming Yongle three years) Zheng He led a life of more than 240 boats a huge ship, the crew consisting of 27,400 oceangoing fleet, visited more than 30 in Western Pacific and Indian Ocean countries and regions, China has deepened with the South-East Asia, East Africa friendly relations.

By Liu Hong Kong each Xuzhou start until 1433 (Ming Xuande 8 years), he has a total of seven times as much as a voyage. The last time, eight years in April Xuande Gurirab return to when the ship had passed away due to illness. Folk stories, "Sambo eunuch Popular Romance of the Western mind" will be referred to as his adventure travel under the Western Sambo eunuch.

Get Zheng He has been Java, Sumatra, Sulu, Pahang, Chenla, Gurirab, Siam, Adan, Topfond left Afar, Hormoz Adams, wood-beam, such as bone are more than 30 countries, had the farthest Tatsu the east coast of Africa, the Red Sea, Mecca, and may have been to Australia.

Under the 'Western' definition: the early Ming Dynasty to Borneo (Borneo) / Brunei for the community, to the east known as the Oriental, to the west known as the Western, so the past referred to the South China Sea,of the Ming dynasty known as the Oriental, Western, and a sea of the Gulf of Siam, called up the sea.


A Dream of Red Mansions(HongLouMeng)

"A Dream of Red Mansions" is a masterpiece of ancient China, one of the four, body Zhanghui novels, a book in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong years, are of ancient China, one of the most great novels, but also a classic masterpiece, one of world literature.

Also known as "Stones", "Love Monk recorded", "Love affair warning", "Jinling 12 ornamental hairpins ", "Jin edge" and so on. The author Cao Xueqin. Most concerned about the academic version of red is "Re-evaluation ofFat inkstone room and Stones" (see the details about "A Dream of Red Mansions" version of the narrative).

The book to be one way of theory to explain the Book of Changes, such as the 12 women representatives of the twelve Earthly Branches reincarnation practices, future research the key to A Dream of Red Mansions.

Since the latter part of the original loss, and many have continued to make out, according to statistics, "A Dream of Red Mansions" added up to over a hundred kinds of types of books. Continued for more well-known are the high-E continued from the 120 back to the whole "Dream of Red Mansions" popular version and Qing Gu Taiqing so talented woman continued to make and collate version. In short, the "Dream of Red Mansions" is still an incomplete work, is also a reader at the end of Cannot guess Forever mystery books, this is the "Dream of Red Mansions" artistic charm lies.


Folk arts and crafts (GongYiPin)

The working people for the adaptation life need with the esthetic request to make use of local materials, but by manual production one manufactured item primarily.

Varied assortment, like woven bamboo utensils, straw braid, blueprint cotton print, wax printing, woodcarving, clay sculpture, paper-cut, folk toy and so on. As a result of various local, various nationalities' social history, the custom custom, the geographical environment, the esthetic viewpoint's difference, has the different style characteristic respectively.decoration drawing refers to every to belong to the utensil decoration aspect drawing generally.

The narrow sense refers to the decoration mural, in the commercial art advertisement picture and so on. The decoration drawing stresses in the manifestation cosmetic, is different with the general practical drawing.



Buddhism (Buddhism): World one of three big religions, jia adjoins Luo Weiguo before the B.C. 6- the 5th century ancient India (now Nepal domestic) prince to create, his name was the siddhartha (S.Siddhārtha, P. Siddhattha), his surname was the Qiao dharma (S. Gautama, P. Gotama).

Because he belongs to the Shakya (Sākya) race, the people said that he is Buddha, the meaning is the Shakya race's sage. Widely spreads in Asia's many countries. When Eastern Han Dynasty spreads to our country from west to east. Buddhism and Christianity, Islamism and are called the world three big religions.

Buddhism is the Buddha education, but is not the religion which worships Buddha, the Buddhism non-religion, the non-philosophy, spoke Buddhism is the religion is only one kind of popular convenience said that the regulations broke not bright worry by the wisdom wisdom from in card

the achievement bodhi (consciousness) the road, Buddhism once had made the indelible contribution in the history to the world culture dissemination, until now still deep influence we.below “defines simply to Buddha” elects from Professor Lin Shimin "Buddhism's Spirit And Characteristic"


Harmonious palace construction origin and development

The harmonious palace architectural complex's formation, in Qing Dynasty's history, around surmounts Kangxi, Yong Zheng, the Qianlong three dynasties, experiences the palace, the temporary palace, the temple three times; At this point, construction history 315 years (1694--2009).
after in 1949 new China was established, the people's government took seriously extremely to the harmonious palace this former days's imperial temple; National leader Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and so on, once many times came this inspection, and to protects this Tibetan Buddhism culture art treasure house, has made the great importance the instruction. 

on March 4, 1961 the harmonious palace is listed as by the State Council “the nation first batch of key Cultural relic preservation organ”, and establishes the professional organization harmonious palace administrative office to organize to carry out implements (26).
Since the 70s, the people's government has collected the large amount fund once more, has carried on the large-scale restoration reorganization to the harmonious palace historic building group; And in February 5, 1981 (meantime is in 1981 lunar calendar in first lunar month first day, namely Chinese tradition important holiday Spring Festival) the official internal outside pilgrim and the tourist are open. 


Northeast dance duet(DongBei ErRenZhuan)

The Northeast dance duet also said that “jumps”, is loves in the Northeast area, has the rich local color folk art, until now already more than 300 year historical development. 

is deep since long the Northeast populace particularly general farmer's affection. Its songbook language is easy to understand, humorous charming, fills with the life breath.

the initial dance duet, is the entertainer who dances the yangko by the daytime sings the Northeast folk song folk song in the evening (popular name “small Yangko”)

the regional culture's exchange, has enriched the dance duet connotation greatly since long in addition. At the original Northeast Yangko, in Northeast folk song's foundation, also absorbed the lotus flower to fall, the Northeast Dagu, the hand drum, the overlord whip, the Hebei Bangzi

the shadow play as well as the folk joke and so on many kinds of artistic forms evolves gradually becomes.therefore performs the form and the melody is rich. Is spreading “rather shed in the folk the food, not shed two person of biographies " view, obviously " dance duet " in the populace's depth of influence.

 may say that the dance duet most can manifest the Northeast working people to the beauty of art the pursue.