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Cheongsams qípáo [chi-pao]

Cheongsams are the gowns of the Qing Dynasty, was born in the beginning of the 20th century, prevailing in three to four decades on behalf of. 

 Experts put during the last century 20 cheongsams popular as a starting point, the thirties to the pinnacle of its status soon swept from the birthplace of Shanghai to various parts of China. 

 At that time, Shanghai is the upper reaches of Queen, the blessed land advanced courtesans, they are keen on swimming, playing golf, flying techniques, on horseback, an extravagant social life and chasing fashion, doomed to a cheongsam pandemic. 

 Shanghai because Shanghai has been advocating Western-style way of life, resulting in subsequent emergence of the "improved cheongsam", from the curve of the body to cover up to show the female curves unexpected Linglong the United States, so cheongsams to rid itself of the old model has become China's unique national characteristics of women one fashion.


  1. QiPao's also known as Chinese Girl's Dresses are a grand expression of Chinese Culture and come in so many different types! It's great that for the major Chinese holidays in the US, the Chinese Schools will have children, boys and girls, dress up in Chinese QiPao's.

  2. very interesting.

  3. Pretty qipao, but there are much more beautiful Chinese models.

  4. QiPao's is the unique clothes from Chian.It's so beautiful and ladies can show the good shape when put on it.I think every girl should have a try on it!
    And,if you wanna know more about QiPao's,welcome to come here,Chinese clothes


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