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Arbor Day (ZhiShuJie)

"Arbor Day" is a legal form in some countries to publicize the provisions of forest benefits, and to mobilize the masses to take part in reforestation obligations of the holiday activities. According to the length of day can be divided into tree-planting, tree planting tree planting weeks or month, general term for Arbor Day. 

 Through such activities, stimulates people love trees, reforestation feelings enhance people's awareness of forest function, and promote afforestation to forest protection and expansion of Ailin forest resources, improve the ecological environment. 

  In order to mobilize the people to plant trees and holiday provisions. Chinese in 1915 by the Government to order the provisions of the Ching Ming Festival for Arbor Day that is March 12. Later, in 1928 to the April 7, the Republic of China government issued orders to plant trees: Tree Planting Day after Ching Ming old should be replaced by the Prime Minister's death a few years tree planting ceremony. 

 "In the Government has been the promulgation of this order, because Mr. Sun childhood are on the" tree arts Livestock "very love's sake. 

 At him abroad often use vacation back home mulberry plant. February 23, 1979, the Fifth National People's Congress Standing Committee of the Sixth Meeting of the decision is still March 12 for China's Arbor Day to encourage people of all nationalities in afforestation and greening the motherland, and to improve the environment for the benefit of future generations.

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  1. Yes,the Planting Day(ZhiShuJie) is on the 12th Mar every year~

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