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Ladies (ShuNv)

Ladies meaning of temperament and style should not be in the traditional sense of propriety in Chinese terms, it is under the new historical conditions, women in the dashboard, conversation, manners, habits of thinking and behavior on a unique Chinese characteristics on female charm, really to show a woman pure, sincere charisma aspects. 

 Chinese traditional idea of propriety, under the shackles of ladies are not worth the promotion, because it denies a woman should have the charm and value. 

 Today, we advocate to do the ladies are at the basis of the traditional virtues of modern society without losing the value of the ladies, are a new civilization, a new culture, a new era in the context of the new female. 

 The promotion of ladies to do, to do better than the promotion of "Sassy Girl", "for female" good. This does not mean that retro backward, outdated and restraint personality, but rather to make a woman more personality, charm and taste, the restoration of women's true colors. 

 First of all ladies at the elegant temperament should reflect on. 

 Lady is the Ming and Qing Dynasties Princess Bin Level Nakamiya a Human Level

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