Mysterious ancient China



Chinese Army have one mountain peaks. Beijing Yanqing County is located south of the northwest, the south of the Pass near the north-west. Range upon range of hills and downs, peaks overlapping peaks, magnificent stands of The Great Wall at Badaling on high mountains. 

 The earliest construction of the Great Wall of China in the 7th century BC in the Spring and Autumn Period, after the dynasties are built. 

 At present, the Badaling Great Wall Ming generation zone is the most complete preservation of the Great Wall section, now tourist attraction, is also a key national heritage conservation units. 

 Wall neat article from the great stone into the outer wall, with an average high of 7.8 meters, 5.8 ~ 6.5 meters wide. City has on brick walls and female垛口every half to one, the set, beacon towers. 

 The Great Wall is one of the world-renowned wonder, like a dragon it is entrenched in northern China on the vast land. It is the toil and sweat of the laboring people in ancient China crystallization are a symbol of Chinese ancient culture and the pride of the Chinese nation.

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