Mysterious ancient China


Xitang old town

On Xitang's some ancient roofs, near ruler high tile grass, 

it is reported that was steadily the room dwelling before master's spirit has been attached to these grasses, caused them so luxuriantly, was protecting the ancient room tranquil and long ago, was also protecting old town prosperous and auspicious. Xitang region of rivers and lakes innate one kind of clear spirit refined elegant tastes and graceful bearing.

 Not to mention may embark together with the native catches fish, unhappiness which the fishing household enjoys the aloof extra mundane; When the curtain of night initially falls, goes boating the river bank, sets at pot liquor, suspends two TV dinners, altogether narrates with the good friend, outside cabin, sculling female black clothing cloth unlined upper garment, singing voice light exhibition, persuasive melodious, 

has as if restores the old wind ...... to throw actually the world of mortals philistine, is small temporarily hidden in the old town, appreciates the simple and honorable common social practice in the entertainment, one kind the feeling which returns returns to original condition plain. 


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