Mysterious ancient China


China Myth (XiaoTianQuan)

Whooping days dogs, Chinese myths and legends around "Erlang Shen" animal, in the "Journey to the West", "Gods" and other related "Erlang Shen" legend, such as "Valuable lotus lamp", etc. were encountered. 

 Well-known actor Chen founded in 2004 edition of "Valuable lotus lamp" roaring days playing ugly dog that Wu won audience acclaim. 

 Whooping-day dog first appeared in the Yuan Dynasty, such as "With Zhenjun gold shells, small dogs," According to Lang Zheng research, the prototype of whooping days when dogs are two sub-God alone Fitness Edge rat. . 

 Civil commonly referred to as the Tengu, the ancients that the solar eclipse, eclipse Tengu are at, then all the people in ancient times there is solar eclipse, when the eclipse to get knocked off apparatus Tengu custom.

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