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Northeast dance duet(DongBei ErRenZhuan)

The Northeast dance duet also said that “jumps”, is loves in the Northeast area, has the rich local color folk art, until now already more than 300 year historical development. 

is deep since long the Northeast populace particularly general farmer's affection. Its songbook language is easy to understand, humorous charming, fills with the life breath.

the initial dance duet, is the entertainer who dances the yangko by the daytime sings the Northeast folk song folk song in the evening (popular name “small Yangko”)

the regional culture's exchange, has enriched the dance duet connotation greatly since long in addition. At the original Northeast Yangko, in Northeast folk song's foundation, also absorbed the lotus flower to fall, the Northeast Dagu, the hand drum, the overlord whip, the Hebei Bangzi

the shadow play as well as the folk joke and so on many kinds of artistic forms evolves gradually becomes.therefore performs the form and the melody is rich. Is spreading “rather shed in the folk the food, not shed two person of biographies " view, obviously " dance duet " in the populace's depth of influence.

 may say that the dance duet most can manifest the Northeast working people to the beauty of art the pursue.

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