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Silk Road(SiChouZhiLu)

Silk Road, or Silk Road. Refers to the Western Han Dynasty (BC 202 years - the Year 9 years), the ambassador to the Western Regions by Zhang Qian opened to Chang'an (now Xi'an) as a starting point, via Gansu and Xinjiang, to Central Asia, West Asia, and linking the countries of the Mediterranean land channel (this road is also known as the "Northwest Silk Road" to distinguish between the other two in future the word "Silk Road" the name of the traffic routes). Because by this route in the West of goods shipped to the silk products, the greatest impact, it was this name (and we have a lot of silk in China are shipped). The basic trend is scheduled to the Han Dynasty, including the South, Middle, North Road, Route 3. 

   Silk Road is the history of the Trans-Eurasia trade lines, and promote the Europe, Asia and Africa countries and China's friendly exchanges. China is the hometown of silk, through this route in the trade, China's export of silk goods to the most representative. The second half of the 19th century, the German geographer Ferdinand von Richthofen would this land transport route known as the "Silk Road", after Chinese and foreign historians are in favor of this that are still in use.

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