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Buddhism (Buddhism): World one of three big religions, jia adjoins Luo Weiguo before the B.C. 6- the 5th century ancient India (now Nepal domestic) prince to create, his name was the siddhartha (S.Siddhārtha, P. Siddhattha), his surname was the Qiao dharma (S. Gautama, P. Gotama).

Because he belongs to the Shakya (Sākya) race, the people said that he is Buddha, the meaning is the Shakya race's sage. Widely spreads in Asia's many countries. When Eastern Han Dynasty spreads to our country from west to east. Buddhism and Christianity, Islamism and are called the world three big religions.

Buddhism is the Buddha education, but is not the religion which worships Buddha, the Buddhism non-religion, the non-philosophy, spoke Buddhism is the religion is only one kind of popular convenience said that the regulations broke not bright worry by the wisdom wisdom from in card

the achievement bodhi (consciousness) the road, Buddhism once had made the indelible contribution in the history to the world culture dissemination, until now still deep influence we.below “defines simply to Buddha” elects from Professor Lin Shimin "Buddhism's Spirit And Characteristic"

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