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The Tian'anmen Rostrum (TianAnMen)

Tiananmen Gate is located in People's Republic of China Beijing, the capital of the northern end of Tiananmen Square, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chongwen, Xuanwu four regions of the cut-off point, facing the Chang'an Avenue. 

 The opposite is as well as the Monument to People's Heroes in Tiananmen Square, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Great Hall of the People, the National Museum of China. Ancient China, one of the most magnificent tower. 

 To outstanding architectural art and special political status as the world attention. 

 October 1, 1949, where Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly declared: "People's Republic of China was established." 

 And personally raised the first Five-Star Red Flag. 

 Tiananmen patterns appear in the People's Republic of China National Emblem of. 

 Become a symbol of People's Republic of China.
Qing Qing nobility into the Central Plains, the rule in order to achieve its long-term purpose, with the exception of the use of other measures, also the name of the gate a big fuss over. 

 At that time, one after another as a result of the struggle against anti-feudal nobles threaten the rule of the Qing Dynasty, Qing Dynasty rulers with particular emphasis on "security" and "and" strategy, in order to achieve the rule of the Qing Dynasty's "long-term stability." 

   Such as the Forbidden City in the Qing Dynasty "imperial extremely Temple," "extremely Dian", "built a very Dian" renamed "Hall of Supreme Harmony", "and Hall", "Paul and the Temple", that is, take a smooth meaning palace . 

 "Chengtian door," renamed "Tiananmen Square", we can cover the "Chengtian Qiyun" naming wishes, also included in the "bringing peace to the country, prime minister" thinking. 

 There are Imperial's "to安门", "East安门", "Xian door" three door, have highlighted a "security" in order to show an inside and outside.

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