Mysterious ancient China


Palace of Heavenly Purity(QianQinGong)

Do Qinggong hung from the top of the main hall of the throne of the Qing Dynasty emperor Shunzhi pro book "above board" plaque, the plaque behind the possession of the Crown Prince has secret built "flat storage box."

At the time, to seize the throne Prince of infighting between the rather intense. In order to ease the contradiction, since the Yongzheng North Korea started to take a secret way to build Reserve, that is not open-li emperor before his death the crown prince, and heir to the throne in secret to write the selected instrument, a place close to the emperor; a closure in the "Building Reserve box "and put" above board "behind the plaque.

The emperor's death, common to remove the Minister from"Better storage box", and the emperor in the side of a cache control, after verification, announced the successor to the throne. Qianlong, Jiaqing, Daoguang, Emperor Xianfeng four are on the throne of this system.

By the late Qing Dynasty, because there is only one son of Emperor Xianfeng, Emperor Guangxu Tongzhi and no son, the secret of the system before legislation Reserve lost its meaning.

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