Mysterious ancient China


Southern Song Dynasty costumes (NanSongFuShi)

Song of the garment fabric, silk mainly pay attention to the varieties have brocade, silk flower, yarn, Luo, silk, etc.. Song Shu brocade Chengdu's most famous, have combined the geometric patterns of the eight patterns ride halo, six ride halo, such as disk blanket. 

 Geometric filling of sunflower flower clusters four golden eagles, big nest Ma playing blankets, snow blankets the road, such as dual-nest. 

 Artifacts of the world theme music (lanterns Kam is the text of Yanbo in Chengdu for flattering Injong Zhang Goodfriend and creation). 
 People wish to topics such as male flowers. Subjects wearing flower sticks really wear red flower phoenix, real red large flowers peacock, green, etc. Seocho Yunhe. Flower themes wishful peonies, hibiscus, lotus weight really red cherries, red water Ringo and so true. 

 Animals themes lions, Tianma, goldfish, Xiang-luan, etc.. 

 Geometric Moire patterns, Qushui, paper, FANG Sheng, corrugated, such as. 

 Song Dynasty costumes bird patterns by sketching the impact of art, design patterns tend to realism, composition closely. 

 Song patterns of the Tang Dynasty style and story, and the impact of the Ming and Qing Dynasties is very obvious, in terms of subject matter to the modeling approach, almost all formed a kind of program.

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