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Chang An Avenue (ChangAnJie)

Chang An Avenue is an east-west axis of Beijing, the East from Jianguomen, west Fuxingmen, Tiananmen Square is located in the mid-point of the north side of Chang'an Avenue, Tiananmen Square is located in the mid-point of the south side of Chang An Avenue, Chang An Avenue, also known as "Shenzhou No. First Street. " 

   Chang An Avenue, its name taken from the Tang era of big capital --- "Safe", with long-term stability of meaning. 

   Chang'an Avenue built in the Ming Dynasty Yongle four to eighteen years (1406-1420), and the Imperial City at the same time the construction is the overall planning of Beijing in the Ming Dynasty built an important part of one. East-west parallel to the direction of Chang An Avenue, eight kilometers north-south and vertical and horizontal long axis御道, in Tiananmen Square just before the intersection into a vertical accuracy of the "ten" font center latitude and longitude coordinates, and thereby constitute a ride south of Beijing, China streets the overall layout. 

   After the demise of the Qing Dynasty, with the walls in the east and west sides of the Jianguomen and Fuxingmen In二十九年(1940) was open. Founding of New China, street outreach was 50-100 m wide, east-west extension of Chang'an Avenue Line east Tongzhou, West arrived in Shijingshan, with a total length of 50 km, has the name Barry长街.

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