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Great Wall 

   Ancient China Great Wall is a miracle created by the working people. Since the beginning of theQin Dynasty, built the Great Wall has been a major project. According to records, the emperor used to build the Great Wall nearly a million workers, representing the country's population of 1 / 20! At that time, there is no machinery, all have to rely on human labor, and the working environment is high mountains,  Can imagine, not a lot of people hard labor, is unable to complete this enormous project.
"Because of the topography, with the risk system forced" to build the Great Wall is an important experience, when the emperor is no doubt that it has been down, Sima Qian writes it "Historical Records" of. 

 Every subsequent dynasty built the Great Wall are carried out in accordance with this principle. 

 Those who pass both the construction of customs rights and wrongs of the city to choose between two mountain gorges, or turning point of the river, or Pingchuan contacts must pass through, so both strategically located and difficult to control, but also to save human and material, to achieve "Yi Ren Dang Guan Wan Fu Mo Kai"effect. Or construction of the castle is also the choice of beacon towers in the "place to look around." 

 As for building a wall, but also full use of terrain, such as such as Pass, Badaling Great Wall is built along the mountain's back, and some sections from the lateral walls looked very precarious, and have great the inside is flat, to close " easily defensible "effect. 

 In Liaoning, the territory of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall liaotungensis town there is a hill called dangerous walls, blast cliff wall, is to take advantage of steep cliff, the precipice little about the Great Wall has become. 

 There are some places take full advantage of Cliffs cliffs, rivers and lakes as a natural barrier, it can be said to be representing. Great Wall, as a great project and become a valuable heritage of the Chinese nation.
A miracle in human history 

   Construction of the Great Wall for duration, amount of works, construction of the arduous, rich historical and cultural connotations, there is the world's other ancient works can hardly be compared to it. China's modern democratic revolution, the great pioneer Sun Yat-sen's Comments Great Wall said: "China's most famous works, the Great Wall also. ... ... Works great, ancient without their horses for one of the wonders of the world alone." 

 Former U.S. President Richard Nixon during a visit to the Great Wall Ding said: "Only a great nation, can come to such a great building the Great Wall." Therefore, the Great Wall as a miracle in human history, in 1987 the "World Heritage", well-deserved. 

   Such a huge project, not only in China is in the world, is unique, so in a few years ago with the Roman Colosseum, the Leaning Tower of Pisa as the Middle Ages, such as one of Seven Wonders of the World.
Great Wall"Meng Jang Nv"cry 

   When the Qin Dynasty, a kind-hearted beautiful woman, named"Meng Jang Nv". One day, she was their own yard to do the housework, suddenly discovereda person under the possession, threatened  was about to scream, I saw that person again and again Baishou, pleaded: "Do not shout Do not shout, Save the me! My name is FAN Xi-liang, is to flee. "At that time the original of the First Qin Emperor in order to build the Great Wall, are arresting people everywhere to do labor, have been starved to death, exhausted the number of people who do not know!"Meng Jang Nv"save the FAN Xi-liang down Tatsu book to see him to know the rationale,on him love, and FAN Xi-liang"Meng Jang Nv"love. They were children to be affiliated, with the consent of the parents agree on marriage preparation. 

   Get married that day, Meng decorated, guests Mantang, one scene of jubilation., drink wedding people have gradually scattered, and the bride and groom going into the bridal chamber, suddenly only hear the chicken to fly like dogs, then break into teams to one of the officers and men, chained one lock, FAN Xi-liang mechanically captured the Great Wall to work.the happy event turned into a vain, anger"Meng Jang Nv"Cross, day and night thinking of her husband. She would like to: I sit at home with their anxious, not as good as their own to the Great Wall to find him. Of! Do so!"Meng Jang Nv"immediately pack to pack up and hit the road. 

   Along the way, I do not know how experienced the wind rain and snow, the number of dangerous mountain trek evil water,"Meng Jang Nv"did not shout a sound bitter, do not have a tear drop, and finally, with indomitable perseverance, his deep love for her husband She arrived at the Great Wall. At this time of the Great Wall is a site composed of a very, very long, along the walls, and a"Meng Jang Nv"site to find a site to come, but always see her husband's sight. Finally, her courage, going to a team of workers Shanggong asked: "Are you here to have a FAN Xi-liang it?" Workers said: "There are so many individuals, the new.""Meng Jang Nv"1, Do not Titus happy! she hastened to ask: "Where is it him?" workers said: "is dead, corpses have been filled in the foot of the city!" 

   Suddenly heard the sad news, I really like a bolt from the blue in general, feel perplexed about the immediate"Meng Jang Nv"black one, a heart-rending, and burst into tears. A full three days and nights crying, crying, even the heaven and earth are moved. More and more dreary days, the wind more and more fierce, just listen to "Raining Cats and" A, a section of the Great Wall was to cry down, it is exposed FAN Xi-liang's body, tears trickling"Meng Jang Nv"him in the bloody face . She finally met the husband of his beloved, but he never see her, because he has been brutal to kill the Qin Shi Huang.

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